Casual or Formal: 3 Fantastic Looks for Guys

Hello fashionable people! It has been awhile since I have done a fashion blog post. Not because I’m lazy 😛 but I hurt my ankle and am on crutches until further notice. Sadly, that does mean the ankle makes it very difficult to do a photoshoot. For today’s post I got my brother to model and we put together a bunch of different looks for the guys out there! This was a super fun photoshoot but difficult since I had to balance without my crutches 😛 The first look is a classic, all black head to toe.  Simple, yet chic.

Outfit #1:

  • Trousers: Express
  • Formal Shirt: Zara
  • Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

IMG_2211 In the first outfit, “Back to Basics”, he has paired his black trousers with a formal black shirt. To top it all off, a black faux-leather bomber jacket.  This is a great outfit for getting together with friends and hitting the town! I absolutely adore a black bomber jacket, it is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can use it for a casual look or dress it up for fancier look.

Outfit #2: 

  • Denim Jacket: American Eagle
  • Mustard  Cardigan: Forever 21

IMG_2235 Continuing on the with the casual looks. The second outfit, “Loving the Layers”, is an outfit for those upcoming spring days, where a jacket is not needed. The layers will keep you warm enough! I cannot wait to lose my winter jacket. I am counting the days until Summer. I love how the mustard cardigan compliments the denim jacket.

Outfit #3: 

  • Trousers: Express
  • Formal Shirt: Hugo Boss
  • Tie: Express
  • Belt: Aldo

IMG_2248 We are getting more formal with this look! The third outfit, “Back to Business”, is fantastic for a formal get together or work. Whether your clothes are fitted, can make or break an outfit. I love the fitting of the formal shirt which is complimented by a turquoise polka dotted silk tie. The tan faux-leather belt is the cherry on top! IMG_2252IMG_2251 Want to fanciest up a little bit more? Try a adding a waist coat to the outfit: IMG_2255IMG_2257 Not into the turquoise scene, not a problem! Try this look with a maroon tie instead: IMG_2247 Those are all the looks for this post. I would like to thank my brother for being a great support during this photoshoot 😛 I will see you soon, hopefully I will be able to model soon 🙂

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