Back to the Basics!

Welcome! It has been so long since I have taken pictures for my blog, due to my injured ankle. But I can finally put enough weight on it and cannot wait to share the outfit with you all. As the title suggests, I went back to the basics for this blog:


  • Black leggings: Garage
  • Black tank top: Forever 21
  • Black faux leather jacket
  • Black ankle boot: Express

IMG_2760 - Copy



IMG_2785Something that I have learned doing this blog is that posing for pictures is not easy, or I just might be a bit awkward πŸ˜› When I took these pictures the weather was below zero, but I committed already and had to get the job done. I absolutely adore the last picture, not sure why. It might be the fact that I look completely lost, even though this picture was taken when I was talking.

I have certainly grown to love wearing all black, whether it is for a night out or a day at school, black is very versatile. During this shoot not only was it freezing, it was also very gloomy; but a touch of red never fails to brighten up a day. I believe black is a very modest shade, which can be dressed up or down. It is a timeless shade, which will forever remain beautiful.

A leather jacket perfectly adds the finishing touches to most outfits, and, in my opinion, makes me look super cool πŸ˜› Leather jackets can works with a pair of jean shorts, a dress, leggings, and skirts; definitely a must have piece in every closet.

Hope you’re all enjoying April!

Until next time!

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