Summer Festivities

Summer FestivitiesFor each item, the links are provided below:

Abercrombie Fitch abercrombie fitch dress
82 CAD –

Greek sandals
72 CAD –

Dark lens sunglasses
12 CAD –
Summer is fast approaching! My main tip for Summer fashion would be to keep it simple. There is nothing worse than sweating buckets at a music festival, so keep the clothing light and comfortable. This beautiful white dress is light and you will definitely feel a nice breeze through the fabric. For footwear, try to stay away from heels and choose something you will be able to walk in for hours. These tall gladiator sandals are flat and will allow you to continue rocking throughout summer. Lastly, protect your eyes from the sun and pick up a pair of these John Lennon inspired sunglasses.
If you are attending a music festival make sure to keep hydrated! Also, depending on the weather, a sun hat would be perfect for protecting your scalp from direct sunlight. Sunscreen is essential, especially if you will be out having fun in the sun!
Some of these prices may be a bit high, but not to worry! You can find many dupes for each item in different stores! I would try H&M and Forever 21, their prices are way more affordable.
Remember to have fun wherever you go!

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    1. Hey! Your blog is great. I love your post about denim trends. My only advice is to be yourself and continue blogging about what you’re passionate about. In terms of ideas, pay attention to the latest trends and try putting your own unique spin on it!
      Best of luck,

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