Summer Journal Part I: Foo Fighters

07.09.15: Foo Fighters World Tour-Toronto Edition

2015-07-14 13.25.08The greatest night of my life was when I saw my favourite band, Foo Fighters, live in concert at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.  For about three hours, the Foo Fighters played not only played their newer songs but rocked a lot of their older music as well. The concert was everything I ever imagine, it was a perfect show. The lead singer, Dave Grohl, was sitting on an iron throne due to the fact that he broke his leg at an earlier show.. Nonetheless, he put on an unforgettable performance. #daveofthrones2015-07-09 21.15.18The concert was about three hours long and I was high off of excitement the entire night. I still find it hard to believe that I saw the Foo Fighters live 😛 The band played a lot of their older music, such as Learn to Fly, Times Like These and Everlong. But they did not forget to rock out to songs like Congregation and These days, from their last two albums.

In terms of concert fashion, I went for comfort! Ripped jeans, fitted t-shirt & olive green parka. For any event, take a small purse with you to hold IDs and money, but nothing too big that would get in the way. Keep it compact and travel friendly 🙂 My friend supported black jeans, a flannel & a denim/leather jacket. 2015-07-14 13.24.522015-07-14 13.24.37I do not think the bees approved of our quick photo shoot 😛

Of course no concert is complete without buying an official tour t-shirt:

2015-07-09 20.03.18ticket

Yes, I did have that expression on my face for the entire concert.

This was an amazing concert and I will definitely be seeing them again in the future. Not only was the music perfect, Dave Grohl was hilarious and very entertaining in between songs. He told the story of how he broke his leg and he even called up a fan to play drums!!! The fan held a sign up asking to play drums because it was his birthday and he played the song “Big Me” with the band.

Here’s a quick video from the show:

  • Song: My Hero

One of the best parts of the night was the atmosphere. Everyone there was friendly and simply enjoying the Foo Fighters. We all sang along to one of the best bands ever, and the night was perfect 🙂

pink PSI wish I could go back to that night #takemeback #cloudnine pink PS

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