Summer Journal Part II: NYC August 15, 2015

Header - Copy FINALI am birthday CRAZY! I am the type of person who will count down the days and make sure everyone is aware that my birthday is coming up. When I was younger, I use to start a countdown months and months before. Now that I have grown up a bit, I only start counting down a month or two earlier. I don’t know what it is but something about my birthday gets me so excited and happy. This summer has been quite interesting and somewhat of a roller coaster, but my birthday just made everything perfect and I entered a utopia. I know it may sound a tad crazy, but I will never-not be excited for my birthday. I can never wrap my head around people who are not excited and could care less about their birthday. I tend to get “birthday withdrawal” the next day and it sucks so much! Right when midnight hits and it is officially my birthday, I cannot sleep at all. I actually cannot sleep the day before, which does have its disadvantages.

My birthday this year was exceptionally special! My brother bought two tickets for New York and the crazy part was we only went for 24hrs. It was insane. We planned a whole day of activities to see New York City in one day and I would say we did pretty well, in terms of site seeing. In terms of luggage, all we had was one backpack each and it was perfect. All we had in our bags was identification, passports and a sweater (in case it got chilly). I loved not having so much stuff to carry, 24hr trips are the best.

In terms of fashion, I dressed very casually. A pair of ripped jeans, paired with a white t-shirt and my favourite sneakers. Of course, a red lip was the cherry on top. On the lips I first applied NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and topped it off with Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01.

Here are some pictures from my birthday in New York:

On route to JFK International AirportPassportsOn the plane to JFKLanding in NY and super excited about riding the NY subway11903367_10204698589641589_643132994_nWe walked around West Village and the scenery was beautiful, the city has so much character!West VillageI was and still am a huge Wizards of Waverly Place fan and to walk passed Waverly place was a dream come true 🙂WaverlyWashington Square Park was the first sight we saw and it’s beautifully surrounded by NYU buildings. There were so many street performers, it was very entertaining. Washington Square ParkTHEN CAME TIME SQUARE 🙂 Time square was AMAZING! If you are an anxious individual, it may get a tad overwhelming with the huge crowds but it’s definitely worth visiting. 11917318_10204698767206028_1728691975_nAnd my brother & I got a picture with the NAKED COWBOY!11911376_10204698767126026_1339211285_nThere is also a huge statue of the famous Time Square kiss. 11896897_10204698657403283_1796991873_nThere were so many characters walking around and I got a picture with Spiderman, Luigi & Iron ManTime Square charactersAfterwards, we explored the ever so enchanting Grand Central TerminalGST banner GCT full viewGCT selfieI felt as if I was in King’s Cross Station, catching the train to Hogwarts! GC SubwayNext stop: Central Park! My brother and I were exhausted so we decided to take a break and chill out a bit. It was very relaxing.  11938205_10204698813527186_515740398_nCentral park selfieWe continued our New York adventure and came across an actual cupcake ATM :O #greatestinventioneverCupcakeWe ended our night with Starbucks and of course took another selfie to capture the moment!Last starbucks selfieWe had to take the subway to Queens and from there we had to bus it due to construction.QueensWe said our farewell to New York, but not forever. This crazy 24hr journey my brother and I had made for one amazing & unforgettable birthday. This was an impeccable birthday present and I am greatly appreciative of my older brother #thanksbro

Here’s an eye from the sky, leaving NYNYC leaving plane photo Yes, we were intensely tired but I still managed to take one last picture 🙂 Leaving nyc plane selfie harp sleepingAmazing trip! Even though it was very tiring, I would definitely take another 24hr trip 🙂

Until next time!

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