The April

A couple months ago, I became sooo obsessed with the TV show Parks and Recreation! I became very attached to the characters (as any mega fan would) and have been re-watching older episodes ever since the series finale premiered. By watching this show I discovered my “spirit animal”, April Ludgate. This character is played by the ever so talented and amazing, Aubrey Plaza, and I have realized I resemble April’s personality a tad too well. She is this sarcastic and apathetic individual whose dead pan comedy is just perfection. April loves to portray herself as this person who just does not care about anything or anyone, but as you watch the show, you soon realize she does care about very few thing and key people. She has a tough outer shell, but truly cares about the people she loves. April also has an amazing fashion sense, which really develops throughout the seven years.

I fell in love with the look below (S06E04) and recreated it:aprils-yellow-polka-dot-shirt-blue-skirt


She’s wearing a yellow and white blouse, a blue skirt and topped with a yellow cardigan.


  • Yellow and white striped top
  • Blue skirt: Forever 21
  • Yellow cardigan: Forever 21

IMG_3619IMG_3653IMG_3624IMG_3625IMG_3627IMG_3647IMG_3646IMG_3661IMG_3663IMG_3630IMG_3638IMG_3639IMG_3641IMG_3642IMG_3643If you have not checked out Parks and Recreation, please do! It’s one of the best shows out there ❤ Also, for those of you starting school soon GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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