Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

Find your own way, have an open spirit, and believe in your own beauty -Francois Nars

Everyone has their favourite brands and for some time now NARS has definitely made its way onto my list. So when I heard they were launching a new lip product I was immediately interested and could not wait to get my hands on it. NARS launched its “Velvet Lip Glide” not too long ago and it’s somewhat of an ingenious product. I purchased two colours, “Bound” which is a nude rose pink shade and “Unspeakable” which is a beautiful berry shade.

What makes this product unique is definitely its formula! The Lip Glide is a semi matte product, which is great for anyone who is sick of the matte lip trend. Personally, I got over the matte lip a few months ago it was just too drying for me. This is the perfect option since these Lip Glides are very hydrating but still has great pigmentation like a matte lip would. Typically I would assume a lip gloss to be more on the sheer end of the spectrum but this product is true to the shade you see in the bottle.

The product feels weightless on your lips, hydrates at the same time and goes on effortlessly with its doe foot applicator. True to its name, it does “glide” on well. Another upside to this product is that it isn’t sticky. Does anyone else absolutely hate that sticky feeling some lip products give? Definitely one of my pet peeves! The NARS Lip Glide has become a new fave lip product because it offers a great selection of shades, from neutrals to darks, it feels very comfortable and hydrating on your lips, and there is no false advertising for the shades. In terms of smell, the Lip Glides give off more of a sweet scent but not too strong where people who are sensitive to fragrance, such as myself, would be unable to wear it.

Do keep in mind that this product is not transfer proof, so if you are eating or drinking the product will surely come off a bit. NARS also does not advertise that the Lip Glides will stay on for a certain amount of hours so do not be surprised if you find yourself reapplying, it is of course the formula of a lip gloss not a matte lip. What I have noticed is if the product does comes off, your lips are still tinted with the shade you had on quite a bit. I especially found this more with the darker shades, such as “Unspeakable”. I personally do like the tint because even if the product comes off, there is still some colour and your lips are not naked.

The Velvet Lip Glide is a perfect blend of a lipstick and a gloss and hopefully a new trend for 2017.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • NARS Velvet Lip Glide: $34

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