Need a Refresher?

Ever since I got into skincare, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different brands to see what suits my skin the best. The thing with skincare is that it’s pretty much all trial and potential error. I’ve definitely gotten bad reactions from certain brands which have suited a lot of other people just fine. I have tested and added to my skincare routine with two new products, “Soy Face Cleanser” and “Rose Face Mask” by Fresh.


Fresh is a brand which is adamant on creating products infused with natural ingredients and leaving your skin feeling brand new. The “Soy Face Cleanser” is soft enough not to strip your skin of its hydration, but tough enough to wipe away dirt and makeup. After dampening my face I apply the cleanser and massage it all over my face and rinse. I enjoy how gentle this cleanser is on my skin. Typically, I find that most cleansers are very harsh and completely dries my skin out where I feel like I need to apply moisturizer immediately. I can cleanse my skin with this product, not apply moisturizer, and wake up with my usual skin, not any drier. This product is for all skin types. I do have sensitive skin and trying new products is always a tad risky and scary but the ingredients combined to create this cleanser have worked perfectly for my skin. It leaves the skin feeling so clean and wonderful.


The “Rose Face Mask” has creeped its way into my skincare routine. Whenever I feel like I need to rejuvenate my skin, I apply this all over my skin and wait 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off.  Like all of their other products, this mask is gentle enough to be used daily. This mask has not broken me out or caused any irritation or redness. This has become a mask I use the most frequently because of its formula and its results. This mask hydrates, tones, and tightens in a way where your skin does not feel stiff or dry. With continuous uses, you will surely be able to see a difference to your skin. This mask brings your skin back to life and soothes it comfortably.


These products are infused with more natural ingredients and leave the skin feeling FRESH. They give off a scent but are not heavily fragranced, which in my opinion nothing should be. Personally, heavy scents just give me a headache. A lot of skincare products give off a very strong smell; I especially found that to be true with Lancome. Those with sensitive skin, such as me, find it very difficult to use those types of products. Nonetheless, I will continue exploring Fresh and see what else this brand offers.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • Soy Face Cleanser (50mL or 1.7 oz): $20
  • Rose Face Mask (100mL or 3.4oz): $75

Until next time!



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