Autumn Lookbook Part I: Maroon Madness

The season has changed and so has the fashion! I cannot say that autumn is my favourite season, that title goes to summer, but it is definitely more favoured over Winter. One thing I love about autumn is the colours, I absolutely adore maroon and mustard. And who can dislike sweaters! I went a bit sweater crazy for this year and cannot wait to wear them all. In this lookbook you will be introduced to two of my best friends. The three of us had a blast doing this shoot. Hope you enjoy it!

Outfit #1:

  • Maroon sweater: Zara
  • Black tights: H&M
  • Necklace: From Tommy to Zooey
  • Simple black ankle boots
  • Topped off with the perfect nude lips

Introducing best friend number 1:


This autumn lookbook will be a season series. We took so many pictures and going through them all was a ton of fun. Having a photo shoot with best friends is amazing and an awesome adventure. I love them so much ❤

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Dior or L’Oreal Mascara?

Looking for a Mascara? Don’t be fooled by the price. I recently purchased the Dior Blackout Mascara, which sells for $31 plus tax from Sephora, and my first impression of it was not good. The formula is excessively creamy and does not keep your lashes up, even when curled. I do not have the fullest of lashes but I thought this mascara would bring them out since the colour is extremely black. When I first used it, I took it off immediately because it did nothing to my lashes. Taking it off was difficult and messy!  The only positive thing about this mascara was the packaging and the intensity of the colour.

Ready  1The packaging is simple and chic, two of the best combinations for makeup.

If you’re looking for a good mascara try the L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga. This mascara has a great formula for keeping your lashes up and costs less than half of what Dior would cost you. This has become has everyday choice for mascara.

IMG_1308The formula is amazing! It keeps my lashes looking good all day. Taking it off at the end of day is a breeze. In terms of makeup remover I stick to my Quo! The Quo eye makeup remover is gentle and effective.

The expensive makeup isn’t always the best. Never underestimate drugstore brands. Sometimes you just might find the perfect product for you! I would give the Dior Blackout Mascara a 2 out of 10, just because the cololur is intensely black but nothing else about this mascara is good. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I would definitely rate the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara a 10/10, I absolutely love it!

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I finally got the sheer glow foundation by NARS, in the colour Syracuse. I’ve been wanting to get foundation for a while now and did tremendous amounts of research on which would suit my skin type the best. I’ve heard so many people raving about NARS, including many youtubers and close friends. I absolutely love how you can either use this foundation for a light coverage or really build it up. Unlike many other foundations I’ve tried, NARS does not dry out my face and evens out my skin very well. On a daily basis I tend to stick with concealer for under my eyes and any blemishes I might have. I use my NARS foundation for when I attend events such as weddings or birthday parties.

FinalI am crazy about finding great quality make-up brushes for an amazing price! It can become challenging to build up a high street make-up brush collection. I’ve recently stumbled upon two amazing brands which are reasonably priced, Real Techniques and Coastal Scents. Earlier this summer I bought a 12 piece make-up brush set from Coastal Scents and the total cost, including shipping and tax, came to about $35 Canadian! That is an amazing price for a set of make-up brushes. I’ve tried them out and I am pleased to conclude that they’re amazing. The hairs don’t come out and stick to your face. My most used ones would be the flat foundation, blush and concealer brush.

A couple days ago I got my Real Techniques stippling brush and this cost around $10 Canadian, which is a great price. I’ve only heard good things about the Real Techniques brushes and they’re so affordable. I’ve used this brush to apply both my foundation and concealer and its worth buying.

Here I’ve included both the Coastal Scents flat foundation brush and the Real Techniques stippling brush:

brushes finalBefore applying my foundation or any make-up, I always apply my Sephora moisturizer. Now my skin is in between dry and oily, so I always apply this 8hr moisturizer. I absolutely love how this product blends so well into your skin that it doesn’t leave a layer of cream on your face or any oily residue.

moisturizer finalThis is a mattifying moisturizer and it definitely does its job to prevent shine. This cost around $30 Canadian, including tax. There are so many moisturizers out there but always keep in mind that it’s better to spend a little bit more on products you’ll be using on your skin.

Lastly, in relation to foundation, PRIMER! I use the Luminous Foundation primer by Sephora, which was around $20 Canadian. I used this primer once and its nice. It gives a bit a glow and sparkle. It’s more of a subtle glow, but of course one can finish their make-up with some highlighter.

primer finalDepends on the occasion, but I do prefer a more dewey finish which I accomplished using both the moisturizer and this primer.

I absolutely love all the products which I shared above, they were definitely worth buying. I cannot wait to try out other brands and products, hopefully in the near future.

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Summer Shine

Wearing white on white can be challenging, but not impossible. Personally, I am fearful of wearing white because I am such a clumsy person. But sometimes you just have to face your fears and experiment with different styles.


IMG_0489 - Copy

Here I am wearing a white crop top paired with fitted pants which cut off right above the ankles. This top is extremely comfortable and versatile.  You could even pair it with black tights or shorts! I also love where the top cuts off. It’s only a bit revealing if you raise your arms but as you can see in the second picture, it cuts off right above the pants. The top is beautifully designed and its nice and loose. I can not be wearing fitted tops all the time. Sometimes we just need the stylish yet comfortable crop!

This outfit was purchased from H&M. This is definitely one of my favourite stores. Its chic but greatly affordable!



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Summer Obsession

Summer is definitely my favourite season. I love the bright colours and the beautiful summer looks. But with all this comes SUMMER MUSIC! We all have our personal tastes in music and currently I am obsessed with three tracks:

1) Do you want to by Franz Ferdinand

2) You shook me all night long by ACDC

3) Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

Summer obsession

These are the tracks which I listen to on a daily basis! Whether I’m driving or just relaxing at home, I will have these three songs on repeat.

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Summer Workout!



Bring on the fun under the sun! Summer is the best season to get your  fitness on. Nothing beats morning runs to get you healthy and feeling great. Cardio is one of the best forms of exercise because it works your entire body in one action. Running is not the only form of cardio. You can jump rope, go for a bike ride or go for a swim.


I try my best to go for 20 to 30 minute runs every morning! Remember it’s not going to be easy at first but as you begin to make a routine out of it, running longer distances will become easier.



Here a few tips for when you do running:

  • Eat a healthy meal and make sure you’re hydrated.
  • Wear a cap so the sunlight isn’t directly hitting you.
  • Invest in running shoes! Your feet will feel much better in proper running shoes and so will your joints.
  • Always check the weather beforehand. If it is a bit on the warm side wear shorts but if it is a bit cooler tights or capris will do the trick.
  • For even more fun, bring along your headphones and your phone/mp3 player and run to your favourite music.

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Travelling or Chilling?

Summer is all about travel and exploration! Whether you’re travelling within the country or travelling to a different continent we all want to be chic but still comfortable. Here’s  the perfect outfit:

Airport Chic collage




  • Black Tights (H&M)
  • White Tee
  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Burgundy Hat
  • Tan Handbag (Forever 21)
  • Black Flats


Not going to the airport, no problem! This is the perfect outfit for just hanging out and enjoying the weather:

Hanging out



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