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So I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and buy a crazy shade of lipstick. Now, this may not be crazy for some but for me it totally is! A few weeks ago I decided to try out a liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills in “Rio”. This shade is an electric hot pink shade, with a blue undertone, that cannot go unnoticed and dries completely matte. For a bit of a comparison, I would definitely prefer the ABH liquid lipsticks over Kat Von D’s “Everlasting Liquid Lipstick” only because it is not as drying on the lips. The ABH lipsticks retail for about $26CND, which isn’t too bad for the quality of the product.

My outfit was quite simple because I wanted the focus to remain on the lips. I refrained from using any other makeup products and accessorized with a pair of faux glasses.

It is true, I am 113% obsessed with my MOM JEANS!


  • Jeans: Topshop (“Mom High Waisted”)
  • Tee: Express
  • Faux Glasses: Ardene


Until next time!



Obsessed with Overalls

Hi hi!

New obsession: overalls.

I am absolutely in love with overalls and cannot wait to get more. Overalls are super comfortable and a key piece of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobe. You can easily dress it up with overalls or keep it casual. Overalls are very versatile and work for every season. Whether you are pairing it up with a crop top or a sweater, it will look amazing regardless. Whenever travelling is the case, I always go comfortable and pull out my favourite pair. I decided to wear my denim overalls with one of my favourite band t-shirts.


  • Overalls: Forever 21
  • T-shirt: H&M

IMG_4592IMG_4577IMG_4583IMG_4562I decided to keep the makeup quite simple and fresh with a nude-ish pink lip:


Until next time!



All the items are listed below:

Black short sleeve top
16 CAD – lucluc.com

Chicwish mini skirt
47 CAD – chicwish.com

Man made shoes
18 CAD – gojane.com

Charlotte Olympia black purse
805 CAD – harveynichols.com

This is a beautiful outfit for a warm summer’s day. I love on the bow on the skirt, and paired with the cat shaped purse, the levels of adorableness are through the roof! This is a great outfit because its light, comfortable, and effortless.
Hope you’re all enjoying the warmer days!

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Summer Festivities

Summer FestivitiesFor each item, the links are provided below:

Abercrombie Fitch abercrombie fitch dress
82 CAD – abercrombie.com

Greek sandals
72 CAD – simplybe.com

Dark lens sunglasses
12 CAD – necessaryclothing.com
Summer is fast approaching! My main tip for Summer fashion would be to keep it simple. There is nothing worse than sweating buckets at a music festival, so keep the clothing light and comfortable. This beautiful white dress is light and you will definitely feel a nice breeze through the fabric. For footwear, try to stay away from heels and choose something you will be able to walk in for hours. These tall gladiator sandals are flat and will allow you to continue rocking throughout summer. Lastly, protect your eyes from the sun and pick up a pair of these John Lennon inspired sunglasses.
If you are attending a music festival make sure to keep hydrated! Also, depending on the weather, a sun hat would be perfect for protecting your scalp from direct sunlight. Sunscreen is essential, especially if you will be out having fun in the sun!
Some of these prices may be a bit high, but not to worry! You can find many dupes for each item in different stores! I would try H&M and Forever 21, their prices are way more affordable.
Remember to have fun wherever you go!

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Back to the Basics!

Welcome! It has been so long since I have taken pictures for my blog, due to my injured ankle. But I can finally put enough weight on it and cannot wait to share the outfit with you all. As the title suggests, I went back to the basics for this blog:


  • Black leggings: Garage
  • Black tank top: Forever 21
  • Black faux leather jacket
  • Black ankle boot: Express

IMG_2760 - Copy



IMG_2785Something that I have learned doing this blog is that posing for pictures is not easy, or I just might be a bit awkward 😛 When I took these pictures the weather was below zero, but I committed already and had to get the job done. I absolutely adore the last picture, not sure why. It might be the fact that I look completely lost, even though this picture was taken when I was talking.

I have certainly grown to love wearing all black, whether it is for a night out or a day at school, black is very versatile. During this shoot not only was it freezing, it was also very gloomy; but a touch of red never fails to brighten up a day. I believe black is a very modest shade, which can be dressed up or down. It is a timeless shade, which will forever remain beautiful.

A leather jacket perfectly adds the finishing touches to most outfits, and, in my opinion, makes me look super cool 😛 Leather jackets can works with a pair of jean shorts, a dress, leggings, and skirts; definitely a must have piece in every closet.

Hope you’re all enjoying April!

Until next time!

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Autumn Lookbook Part IV: The Final Portion

Welcome back! This is the last portion of my autumn lookbook and I hope you all have enjoyed it thus far 🙂 My best friends and I had so much fun during this photo shoot and I cannot wait to take more pictures for winter. In this post I have included outfits for both girls and guys. Let’s begin!

Outfit #1

  • White lace dress: H&M
  • Denim jacket: American Eagle Outfitters
  • Sheer black tights: H&M
  • Brown combat boots

IMG_1702 IMG_1706 IMG_1709I absolutely love topping dresses off with either a denim or leather jacket. Especially for autumn, I wear combat boots with everything. I have been obsessing over my combat boots for a while and have worn them in spring and summer! I find that these boots you see in these pictures are very versatile and are not limited to any particular season.

Outfit #2

  • Beige sweater: H&M
  • Denim collared shirt: Zara
  • Maroon corduroy pants: H&M
  • Dark grey shoes: Call It Spring

IMG_1785Maroon is definitely a favourite colour choice for autumn and denim is a must have piece in everyone’s closet 🙂

IMG_1754IMG_1799 IMG_1761 IMG_1797I cannot believe autumn is almost over! I feel like this year went by fairly quick. But I am excited to do winter and holiday themed blogs. I hope you all enjoyed my autumn lookbook 🙂

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Autumn Lookbook Part II: Polka Dot Palooza

Welcome back to another Autumn Lookbook Series! I am absolutely loving autumn for its scenery. The colour change in the leaves and the brisk weather is all so refreshing.

The weather here in Toronto is having crazy mood swings. Last week was the season’s first blizzard and today felt like spring. Important tip: always check the weather before leaving the house. This tip seems very simple but somehow I always forget to do it 😛

I’m crazy for polka dots! The dots will definitely make more appearances in this blog 🙂 During autumn my favourite colours are maroon and mustard! I also love dressing chic and cozy, that’s why layers are my best friends.

Outfit #2:

  • Mustard top
  • Polka dotted skirt: H&M
  • Black leggings: H&M
  • Maroon infinity scarf: Spring
  • Black flats

IMG_1502IMG_1505IMG_1518I purchased the skirt from the basics collection from H&M and absolutely love it! This skirt was only $6.95 (CDN) and is very versatile. I added the leggings to the look because it was freezing when I took these pictures, and leggings also add to the autumn style. I generally love wearing leggings with skirts, it just makes the outfit so much more adorable.

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