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OMG I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted, but it’s all good because I am making my comeback with a hot new fave.

Mac is back! I know I have definitely said that on my blog in the past but I just can’t help it. Maybe this could be a new Mac Cosmetics series? As you may have heard or seen all over Instagram, Mac Cosmetics has launched another collection and this time is a perfect blow up of summer. Seriously, when you look at this collection, the packaging and the products, you just imagine summer time. The “Fruit Juicy” collection includes a bunch of fun lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadow palettes, powders, bronzers, lustre drops, a scented mac fix plus, makeup brushes and a makeup bag. I absolutely love the packaging of this collection, its super flowery and just screams warmer weather and fun in the sun. I was most excited for one palette, “Fruit A La La”, and I set my alarm early for the day of the launch and bought it immediately.


From the three palettes in this collection, this one is my fave. The colours are so pretty and vibrant. This palette comes with six shades, a deep brown, hot pink, fiery orange, a glittery copper, light grey, and satin beige. Looking at this palette at first the colours may seem a tad intimidating but they are so much fun to play with. The best thing about this palette is how well the shadows blend and how effortlessly you can create a colourful look. These shadows are long wear and smooth. When applying the glittery copper shade just be careful of a bit of fallout, it’s nothing crazy whatsoever but with glittery shadow you should always be cautious.


You will be able to see the great pigment in the picture where I swatched the shades. I did not find these shadows to be patchy or lacking pigment which was great because the colours are so beautiful.

I can definitely promise that this will be my go-to summer palette because I am so obsessed with pinks and oranges lately, whether is be this palette or a fiery orange lip, I am all for it! Let me know what you guys think of palette and the rest of the collection 🙂




Prices, without tax or shipping, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • “Fruit A La La” palette: $42

Until Next Time!



To Glow or Not To Glow

There seems to be massive hype for Laura Geller’s highlight in ‘Gilded Honey’. I decided to try it for myself and see just how amazing this highlight was! Will it blind onlookers, or just match up to any other highlighter on the market? When I bought this product, I was very surprised by the size of it. I did expect it to be bigger for some reason. It contains 0.16 oz or 4.5 grams of products, and is sold for $26 (USD). There is no mirror included and the packaging is not extravagant or really worth mentioning. I first heard about this product through a few of my favourite YouTubers, including, Desi Perkins and Amanda Ensing and just had to have it like a lot of other makeup products.


I was rather disappointed when I first applied it because it didn’t give me that OMG blinding highlight that other products offer. I found myself having to apply a lot more of the product to get a good glow. In comparison to my favourite highlighter at the moment, ‘Champagne Pop’ by Becca, it wasn’t all that amazing. I would definitely not label this as a bad product or never use again, but personally it wasn’t worth the hype it was receiving. I would stick to my trusted ‘Champagne Pop’ and if I wanted that extra highlight add a bit of NYX Illuminator as a base. ‘Gilded Honey’ has a very smooth texture and goes on very evenly, it’s not patchy whatsoever. It has pigmentation, even when swatched, but not has strong as ‘Champagne Pop’. There are much better highlighters on the market, whether they cost more or even less. For a drugstore comparison, ‘Gilded Honey’ is much better than L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi Illuminator (pressed powder) in ‘Rose’ and Wet n Wild’s Illuminating Palette in ‘Catwalk Pink’.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • ‘Gilded Honey’ by Laura Geller: $33
  • ‘Champagne Pop’ by Becca: $46
  • ‘Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam’ by NYX: $10
  • ‘Rose’ by L’Oreal True Match Lumi: $15
  • ‘Catwalk Pink’ by Wet n Wild: $7

Until next time!


A Revolution in Makeup?

Makeup Revolution has gradually become well known in the makeup world and I got my hands on the “Mermaids Forever” palette by this brand. Since I live in Canada and Makeup Revolution is not available in any store here, my boyfriend just happened to be going to Detroit and was kind enough to go to Ulta for me. For those who don’t know, Ulta is probably the equivalent of a Shoppers Drug Mart for us Canadians. Although my boyfriend managed to get this palette for me, he did get the wrong one. I’m assuming he just saw the Makeup Revolution label and grabbed the first eye shadow palette he saw 😛


Immediately when you look at the packaging of this particular palette it is very sleek, all black with rose gold lettering. There are 32 colours in this palette and for only $15 (US) you can’t go wrong. The shades are not named, which isn’t too big of a deal. Opening up the palette, you see the massive mirror which is always a good thing. There is a great variety with the colours, you get neutrals, rose, copper and smokey shades. You can create a lot of different looks with this palette! There are a lot of shimmery shades, which can be good or bad depending on your personal preference. It is a very colourful palette. The eyeshadows apply smoothly and the texture is more on the silky side which makes blending much easier.


Of course this palette isn’t perfect. I found the shadows to have a good amount of fall out, especially the shimmery brown shade. I did not find all of the shadows to be as pigmented as some were which was definitely a bummer. I don’t dislike shimmery shades, but I would personally prefer the ratio to be more matte over shimmer. I didn’t find this palette to have a too many transition shades, which again is a personal preference. I tend to rely on my warm tones for a good transition, especially matte browns. The colour pay off for some eye shadows is amazing, but I would highly recommend using an eye primer or some sort of base because I did not find that these eye shadows are super long lasting.


Every makeup product has its pros and cons, such as this palette. All in all, I would definitely explore the brand more and see what the other palettes and products offer. I don’t regret buying this palette because some of shades are great and if you love shimmery eyeshadow you will love this palette. There are so many fun looks to be created and this palette would definitely be a good choice if you’re going out. A few of my favourite shades would be the browns, greys, rose, and coppers.

I chose a few colours to swatch here, of course not all 32. The third colour from the right was giving me trouble when swtaching, but the rest I chose were fine! The second and third from the left would be a few of my favourites.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • Mermaids Forever Palette by Makeup Revolution: $19

Until Next Time!


What’s the Perfect Primer?

Priming is a key step in makeup application for reasons such as, longevity, smoother application for your foundation and minimizing the appearance of pores. Of course priming has many more benefits than just the three I mentioned, but if I continue listing this post would turn into a ‘get to know the benefits of priming’. With different skin types, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin, there are of course different types of formulas for primers designed to help each and every skin type. I will be reviewing two different brands of primers, both which claim to help with pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Also, I have mentioned a third option and a new personal favourite. I will begin by starting with the primer costing the least and work my way up.


First, we have the ‘Poreless Face Primer’ by e.l.f.

This brand has come to prove itself to be very economical, yet still create quality products. Every brand has its hits and misses, and I do believe this would be a miss. My skin definitely varies depending on the season, but for the most part I can say that it is combination skin. My issue with this primer is that immediately when I applied it to my face, it was too greasy. This primer is definitely not light weight. As the product was applied to my face I felt it was on there, if you know what I mean. It wasn’t light weight, nor did it seamlessly blend into my skin. After applying the product, it was still all over my fingertips, just too messy for me. The consistency of the primer is great; when you pump it out it isn’t too runny or too stiff. But the problem lies in its formula, and does not do the job for my skin instead feels as if there is another layer on my skin.

Second, the legendary ‘Pore-Fessional’ by Benefit Cosmetics.

This primer won the hearts of many makeup lovers, including me. This primer has proven itself to be successful every use. When applied, you can instantly tell it has done its job smoothing over fine lines and actually does minimize your pores. You can feel the smoothness, but it does not leave an oily residue on your skin. It absorbs into your skin very well, where it does not feel as if there is a layer of primer on your skin. This product is very lightweight and oil free which are some of the most important features of the formula. The Pore-Fessional’s consistency is thicker, in comparison to e.l.f, but it blends flawlessly and effortlessly with my foundation.  Although this primer is a bit pricier, a little does go a long way. Instead of buying the full size bottle, I bought the smaller size which is 22mL or 0.75oz. I’ve had the smaller sized bottle for over a year and it still continues to work well every time. I would say for a non-drug store option, the Pore-Fessional is a staple for any makeup kit.

Alternative option: ‘Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer’ by pūr-lisse.

The last product I will be mentioning is a moisturizer but can also be used under makeup for hydration, preventing fine lines, and an overall smoother finish to your makeup. Although this product isn’t advertised as a primer, it works as well as many others on the market. The consistency is great for this product, similar to that of the e.l.f. primer, but the formula is completely different. It does not leave a greasy feeling all over the face or an oily residue which a lot of moisturizers can do. This moisturizer blends perfectly into the skin, absorbs well and is great for applying underneath makeup. It does smooth out your skin, while at the same time keeping it hydrated. I will compare this product with the Pore-Fessional because its smoothing powers are very similar and blends well with your foundation afterwards. After applying this moisturizer you do not need to wait for the product to dry, and can continue with your makeup immediately. This product can be used for normal, dry and sensitive skin, and fights premature aging. With this product I don’t have to use a separate product for priming before I apply my makeup.

(top to bottom: pūr-lisse, pore-fessional, e.l.f.) All of these primers go on transparent.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer: $8
  • Benefit Cosmetics The Pore-Fessional (22mL or 0.75oz): $16
  • pūr-lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer (15 mL or 0.5oz): $26

Until next time!


Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

Find your own way, have an open spirit, and believe in your own beauty -Francois Nars

Everyone has their favourite brands and for some time now NARS has definitely made its way onto my list. So when I heard they were launching a new lip product I was immediately interested and could not wait to get my hands on it. NARS launched its “Velvet Lip Glide” not too long ago and it’s somewhat of an ingenious product. I purchased two colours, “Bound” which is a nude rose pink shade and “Unspeakable” which is a beautiful berry shade.

What makes this product unique is definitely its formula! The Lip Glide is a semi matte product, which is great for anyone who is sick of the matte lip trend. Personally, I got over the matte lip a few months ago it was just too drying for me. This is the perfect option since these Lip Glides are very hydrating but still has great pigmentation like a matte lip would. Typically I would assume a lip gloss to be more on the sheer end of the spectrum but this product is true to the shade you see in the bottle.

The product feels weightless on your lips, hydrates at the same time and goes on effortlessly with its doe foot applicator. True to its name, it does “glide” on well. Another upside to this product is that it isn’t sticky. Does anyone else absolutely hate that sticky feeling some lip products give? Definitely one of my pet peeves! The NARS Lip Glide has become a new fave lip product because it offers a great selection of shades, from neutrals to darks, it feels very comfortable and hydrating on your lips, and there is no false advertising for the shades. In terms of smell, the Lip Glides give off more of a sweet scent but not too strong where people who are sensitive to fragrance, such as myself, would be unable to wear it.

Do keep in mind that this product is not transfer proof, so if you are eating or drinking the product will surely come off a bit. NARS also does not advertise that the Lip Glides will stay on for a certain amount of hours so do not be surprised if you find yourself reapplying, it is of course the formula of a lip gloss not a matte lip. What I have noticed is if the product does comes off, your lips are still tinted with the shade you had on quite a bit. I especially found this more with the darker shades, such as “Unspeakable”. I personally do like the tint because even if the product comes off, there is still some colour and your lips are not naked.

The Velvet Lip Glide is a perfect blend of a lipstick and a gloss and hopefully a new trend for 2017.

Prices, without tax, for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • NARS Velvet Lip Glide: $34

Until next time!


Make it POP like Champagne

Highlighting is all the rage and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Not only is it enough to highlight with one product, but layering has also become a trend. I will be reviewing two illuminators, more on the affordable side. The first is by NYX, the “Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam”. Second illuminator we have is by Sephora, “Radiant Luminizing Drops in Ultra Light”.


In terms of consistency, NYX definitely takes the cake! Sephora’s illuminator is a tad too runny and watery. I find it harder to control the product when it comes to application. “Born to Glow” illuminator, by NYX, has a thicker consistency which I personally prefer since it is easier to apply and work with.

Sephora (left) NYX (right)


Application differs greatly as well, as I mentioned above I do prefer a thicker consistency since I find it easier to apply and blend. I tend to use my finger to apply liquid illuminators and if needed, I use a sponge to blend. Consistency does coincide with application and the Sephora illuminator is just a nuisance to apply. As with any makeup product, pigmentation is a huge factor. This post seems rather one sided 😛 But what can I say, NYX is the better pigmented product. This all does depend on what you are looking for from the product. If you want that extra blinding glow where you use an illuminator as a base for your powder highlight, NYX is what you are looking for as a drugstore option. If you want that subtle glow, great, try out the Sephora illuminator it will give you just that. I have tried layering my powder highlight over the Sephora illuminator and it does not give me my blindly OMG glow. I do believe a good base will provide a good end result.


The powder highlights I use on a regular are “Champagne Pop by Becca” and “Soft & Gentle by Mac”. The one upside with the Sephora illuminator is that it includes a dropper applicator which is helpful when you do not want waste a whole bunch of product. The NYX illuminator is obviously the better product in my opinion. The product itself is pigmented, easy to work with, and affordable!

Prices, without tax,  for the products mentioned (CAD):

  • NYX the “Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam” $10
  • Sephora “Radiant Luminizing Drops in Ultra Light” $19

Until next time!