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Casual or Formal: 3 Fantastic Looks for Guys

Hello fashionable people! It has been awhile since I have done a fashion blog post. Not because I’m lazy 😛 but I hurt my ankle and am on crutches until further notice. Sadly, that does mean the ankle makes it very difficult to do a photoshoot. For today’s post I got my brother to model and we put together a bunch of different looks for the guys out there! This was a super fun photoshoot but difficult since I had to balance without my crutches 😛 The first look is a classic, all black head to toe.  Simple, yet chic.

Outfit #1:

  • Trousers: Express
  • Formal Shirt: Zara
  • Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

IMG_2211 In the first outfit, “Back to Basics”, he has paired his black trousers with a formal black shirt. To top it all off, a black faux-leather bomber jacket.  This is a great outfit for getting together with friends and hitting the town! I absolutely adore a black bomber jacket, it is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can use it for a casual look or dress it up for fancier look.

Outfit #2: 

  • Denim Jacket: American Eagle
  • Mustard  Cardigan: Forever 21

IMG_2235 Continuing on the with the casual looks. The second outfit, “Loving the Layers”, is an outfit for those upcoming spring days, where a jacket is not needed. The layers will keep you warm enough! I cannot wait to lose my winter jacket. I am counting the days until Summer. I love how the mustard cardigan compliments the denim jacket.

Outfit #3: 

  • Trousers: Express
  • Formal Shirt: Hugo Boss
  • Tie: Express
  • Belt: Aldo

IMG_2248 We are getting more formal with this look! The third outfit, “Back to Business”, is fantastic for a formal get together or work. Whether your clothes are fitted, can make or break an outfit. I love the fitting of the formal shirt which is complimented by a turquoise polka dotted silk tie. The tan faux-leather belt is the cherry on top! IMG_2252IMG_2251 Want to fanciest up a little bit more? Try a adding a waist coat to the outfit: IMG_2255IMG_2257 Not into the turquoise scene, not a problem! Try this look with a maroon tie instead: IMG_2247 Those are all the looks for this post. I would like to thank my brother for being a great support during this photoshoot 😛 I will see you soon, hopefully I will be able to model soon 🙂

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Autumn Lookbook Part IV: The Final Portion

Welcome back! This is the last portion of my autumn lookbook and I hope you all have enjoyed it thus far 🙂 My best friends and I had so much fun during this photo shoot and I cannot wait to take more pictures for winter. In this post I have included outfits for both girls and guys. Let’s begin!

Outfit #1

  • White lace dress: H&M
  • Denim jacket: American Eagle Outfitters
  • Sheer black tights: H&M
  • Brown combat boots

IMG_1702 IMG_1706 IMG_1709I absolutely love topping dresses off with either a denim or leather jacket. Especially for autumn, I wear combat boots with everything. I have been obsessing over my combat boots for a while and have worn them in spring and summer! I find that these boots you see in these pictures are very versatile and are not limited to any particular season.

Outfit #2

  • Beige sweater: H&M
  • Denim collared shirt: Zara
  • Maroon corduroy pants: H&M
  • Dark grey shoes: Call It Spring

IMG_1785Maroon is definitely a favourite colour choice for autumn and denim is a must have piece in everyone’s closet 🙂

IMG_1754IMG_1799 IMG_1761 IMG_1797I cannot believe autumn is almost over! I feel like this year went by fairly quick. But I am excited to do winter and holiday themed blogs. I hope you all enjoyed my autumn lookbook 🙂

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Autumn Lookbook Part III: For Men

Autumn is almost over, just a few more days left! Come December 21, it will officially be winter. The weather hasn’t been too bad lately. Living in Toronto I was preparing myself for -30°C, but we’ve been pretty lucky. I hope it stays this way because I find layering up a bit tedious. For this chapter, I decided to put together a great look for guys! Whether you’re going to school or going out with friends, this look is a great wear! This look has been modeled by one of my best friends!

Outfit #3

  • Ochre jacket: Zara
  • Navy blue and white stripped sweater: H&M
  • Dark blue jeans: Levis 510
  • Brown boots: Red Wing Iron Rangers 8111
  • Sunglasses: Prada aviators


IMG_1576 IMG_1573IMG_1583 IMG_1585IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1616 IMG_1617I am in love with this jacket! Its definitely a must have piece for guys. You can dress it up or go casual. Zara is one of my favourite clothing stores and you can always find the perfect outfit for any occasion. I may be becoming a bit obsessed 😛

Comment below and share what your favourite clothing stores are  🙂

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Autumn Lookbook Part I: Maroon Madness

The season has changed and so has the fashion! I cannot say that autumn is my favourite season, that title goes to summer, but it is definitely more favoured over Winter. One thing I love about autumn is the colours, I absolutely adore maroon and mustard. And who can dislike sweaters! I went a bit sweater crazy for this year and cannot wait to wear them all. In this lookbook you will be introduced to two of my best friends. The three of us had a blast doing this shoot. Hope you enjoy it!

Outfit #1:

  • Maroon sweater: Zara
  • Black tights: H&M
  • Necklace: From Tommy to Zooey
  • Simple black ankle boots
  • Topped off with the perfect nude lips

Introducing best friend number 1:


This autumn lookbook will be a season series. We took so many pictures and going through them all was a ton of fun. Having a photo shoot with best friends is amazing and an awesome adventure. I love them so much ❤

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